Center for Weight Control

Weight Control
The first step in choosing the right weight loss program is a personal consultation. Here, we will evaluate your needs and goals, provide you with options, and help you select the appropriate program for you. Learn more about our comprehensive range of services.

Center for Holistic Health

Holistic Health
Our holistic approach includes both traditional and alternative practitioners, resources and therapies who work together you to achieve your highest level of health and healing. Learn about how NEIHA will address the whole person—mind, body, emotions and spirit.

Center for Pain Management

Pain Management
Understanding the root cause of chronic pain is where we begin.  This allows your practitioner to provide relief for the pain while also treating its underlying cause. Learn about the different NEIHA treatments and/or therapies that are best suited to your needs.




Traditional and holistic medical center

      • At NEIHA, patients have access to top cardiologists, pulmonary care, primary practice, and practitioners trained in nutritional counseling.