In the summer of 2010, Dr. Thomas Knox and Dr. Michael Teiger were both looking to expand their medical practices to include more non-traditional services.

Dr. Teiger first became interested in alternative medicine while he was investigating the role of supplements and lifestyle changes in weight loss approaches. Dr. Knox was following a life-long interest in nutrition, attaining board certification, and learning how to apply nutritional recommendations in disease prevention.

When a mutual friend, Dr. Silverstein, learned that both physicians were pursuing similar paths, an introduction was arranged. Although Dr. Teiger and Dr. Knox had been friends and colleagues for 15 years, they were unaware of their shared, newfound interest in integrative medicine.

Once the two doctors joined forces, things began to snowball. They found an attractive location for a new office in West Hartford. Members of the medical community learned about the doctors’ plans to open an integrative health center, and soon they were approached by like-minded professionals from both traditional and alternative medical disciplines who wanted to participate in the center.

New England Integrative Health Associates (NEIHA) was conceived from the desire to establish a modern model of healthcare in the state of Connecticut. Its core principal is to help patients achieve a healthy lifestyle that combines a strong nutritional component and exercise, and relies on prescription drugs only when necessary. The staff of committed healthcare professionals and physicians is excited to offer patients contemporary medical treatments and approaches, and to partner with each individual in their pursuit of health and wellness.