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IT’S OFFICIAL! NEIHA is open to serve you!

New England Integrative Health Associates (NEIHA) held its Grand Opening and Ribbon Cutting ceremony on Friday, January 27, 2012 at its new medical facility in Bishop’s Corner in West Hartford.

The event drew hundreds of guests including the mayor of Hartford, Pedro Segarra, as well as the Mayor of West Hartford, Scott Slifka, both of whom joined in the ribbon cutting ceremony.

Members of the Connecticut medical community, holistic community and health-related industries attended, as did the public as well as patients and their families.

The evening featured live music, catered refreshments, beverages and tours of the new integrative health center. Natural and nutrition-based approaches to health and wellness are a hallmark of the practice, which provides patients with access to traditional and innovative healthcare. Classes, education, and self-improvement modalities are a major feature of the center.



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NEIHA Nutritional Team’s Kitchen Pantry Tips

Upgrade your condiments and take your health to new levels! YES, your condiments!
by Lisa Wilson

So you have your kitchen pantry and your dinner plate all figured out. You’re healthy, have energy, feel great, and are living the good life… Good for you!!

Here’s the deal…. Sometimes it is hard to figure out how you are going to get it all in, right? Here are some tips to make “enhancing” your already healthy diet a whole lot easier!

But what is one little tip you can use to make your food even better for you?

Answer: Topping your food with a medicinal salad topper and superfoods!

What I keep on my lazy Susan:

Dehydrated Greens: Loaded with Vitamins A, C, E, and K. Greens are a great blood purifier and excellent for detoxification!

Chlorella: A sea algae that will bind with heavy metals and remove them from your body. Also loaded with blood-cleansing chlorophyll.

Spirulina: A sea algae that supports the immune system and protects against free radical damage.

Barley Grass: A powerful detoxifier and great for cancer prevention!

Kelp Powder: An amazing source of iodine to protect from radiation and promote thyroid health!

Hemp seeds: Great protein source with omega-3 fatty acids too!

Turmeric: A powerful spice that reduces inflammation and promoted digestive health.

Cinnamon: Poor Man’s Insulin! This spice helps regulate blood sugar!

How do you make sure you always have these around? Keep these food enhancers right on your Lazy Susan (or kitchen table)! Having your vitamins, enzymes, superfoods, and healthy spices beside you will remind you to pump up your meal every chance you get!

To your outrageous health and happiness!

Keep up the great work!

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NEIHA & SaludPC attend CT Health & Wellness Fest

NEIHA and Salud PC
meet attendees at Connecticut Health &
Wellness Fest, Oct 1-2
Dr. Michael Teiger, MD and Dr. Julian Nieves, MD MPH were on hand to meet and greet folks who stopped by the NEIHA and Salud PC booth. The reception was overwhelmingly positive as men and women learned about the soon-to-open center and about Salud PC, an affiliated practice of NEIHA. Visitors were given information on the benefits of integrative health and many received a free blood pressure screening by Dr. Nieves.


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NEIHA raises money for Walk From Obesity campaign

NEIHA & Nina Arnold Head Up Fundraising for Walk From Obesity
New England Integrative Health Associates, NEIHA, together with Nina Arnold, Health Coach and co-chair of the Greater CT WFO, raised nearly $500 for Walk From Obesity Connecticut during its annual fundraising event on September 24.
Overall, WFO Connecticut raised $16,000 in total, which places the state in or near, the top five nationally for raising the most funds. Walks and fundraising continue until December 1.
 The Obesity Coalition along with the American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery partnered to take action nationally. The Walk from Obesity is an event that was created by a physical therapist, Brian Woodward, of the ASMBS Foundation. Woodward was passionate about prevention and treatment of obesity as a disease among adults and children. His message was, “walk away from obesity”.
To contribute to this cause, or learn more about the organization, visit Nina Arnold may be reached at

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Fundraiser for Meriden teen awaiting heart transplant

NEIHA and Dr. Julian Nieves, MD, MPH draw attention to special fundraiser
This summer, Jeffrey Daniel Montalvo, a typical, active Meriden teenager, experienced chest pains. Today, he is on the short list for a heart transplant due to his diagnosis of non-compaction cardiomyopathy, an extremely rare heart condition.
Jeffrey is a relative of Dr. Julian Nieves, MD, MPH, director of Salud Primary Care, a member of NEIHA.
Non-compaction cardiomyopathy is a rare congenital disease that is detected by an EKG or MRI scan. Montalvo, who celebrated his 20th birthday this week, has completed a degree in broadcast cinema from Middlesex Community College, and is focused on overcoming what he refers to as, “a little obstacle in my way”.
On Sunday, September 25th, from 2-8 p.m., friends, family and supporters will hold a fundraiser to raise money that will support the Maloney High School graduate and his mother, Clarisa Cardona. Festivities will take place at the Meriden Masonic Temple, 112 East Main St., Meriden. The suggested donation of $25 will cover food and beverages, and items will raffled.
For more information, tickets or to learn how to make a donation to Jeffrey’s Heart, email or visit In addition, all are invited to follow Jeffrey’s progress on facebook “Jeffrey’s Heart”.

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Nutritionist leads stress reduction program

leads mindfulness-based stress reduction program
Carol Tyler, registered dietician and certified dietitian/nutritionist, will lead an eight-week program on the practice of mindfulness to reduce stress starting Sept. 28. She will also present an informational evening that is free to the public on Sept. 21.
Carol Tyler has completed Clinical Training in Mind/Body Medicine and received training in energy therapy programs. The education-based class will help students to better understand and manage the stressors in their life. Through formal and informal strategies, participants will learn the benefits of mindfulness. Tyler will offer guided instruction on mindfulness, meditation, yoga and lead discussions on enhancing awareness. Founded by Jon-Kabat-Zinn, Ph.D., this program includes meditation and yoga CDs. An all-day retreat will be held on November 5.
All classes will take place at Saint Francis Hospital, Hartford. On September 21, the free informational session will be held from 6:30 – 8:30. The eight-week class will start Sept. 28 from 6:30 – 9 p.m. and is $260. The all-day retreat will be held Saturday, Nov. 5 from 10 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. To register for any event, call (877) 783-7262 or online at:

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Dr. Knox, MD, talks about integrative heart health

Dr. Tom Knox, MD, discusses integrative approaches to heart health
On September 27, Dr. Thomas Knox will present a free informational seminar on how to use traditional strategies combined with proven alternative therapies to achieve heart health.
The best approaches from traditional and alternative therapies in contemporary approaches to cardiac care will be discussed. Today, a large segment of the medical community is considering alternative approaches to achieving optimal heart health. This has led health care professionals to select proven therapies from all modalities and apply them on an individual basis.
Dr. Knox is a respected Cardiologist in the Hartford community. As a principal of New England Integrative Health Associates, Dr. Knox is dedicated to providing patients with a staff of physicians and practitioners who are dedicated to guiding people through health and illness using the most successful strategies available.
The program will take place September 27 from 6:30 – 8 p.m. at Avon Saint Francis Care, 35 Nod Rd., Avon. The event is free, open to the public, and may be registered for by calling (877) 783-7262 or online at:

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Dr. Teiger speaks on integrative solutions to lung problems

Dr. Michael Teiger, MD, presents integrative approaches to lung disease
Two free informational evenings on integrative approaches to managing lung disease will be led by Dr. Michael Teiger, M.D. in September and December.
The purpose of these classes will be to educate people on ways to improve their lung health through integrative approaches to manage symptoms related to asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and other breathing concerns such as shortness of breath and fatigue. Dr. Teiger, a Board Certified pulmonary physician, will discuss the best use of conventional medicine combined with complementary therapies.
On September 20, the class will take place at Mandell Jewish Community Center, 335 Bloomfield Ave., West Hartford. December 15th, the class will be held at Saint Francis Care at Enfield, 7 Elm St.,Enfield. The program will run from 6:30-8 p.m. All events are free, open to the public, and may be registered for by calling (877) 783-7262 or online at:


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Dr. Teiger pilots recent Angel Flight

Dr. Teiger volunteers to pilot Angel Flight
Dr. Michael B. Teiger, M.D., principle of New England Integrative Health Associates (NEIHA) and a licensed pilot, volunteered his time and expertise in August to transport a patient from Mt. Sinai Rehabilitation Hospital, a Saint Francis Care Provider, to a rehabilitation center in Cary, North Carolina, as part of the Angel Flight Program.

The patient from North Carolina had been staying with family in the Hartford area when she suffered an Aneurysmal Cerebral Bleed and required hospitalization and rehabilitation. Due to stroke limitations, it was not possible for her to return home on a commercial carrier. That is when Angel Flight Program and Saint Francis Foundation teamed up to arrange for a private aircraft to provide a medically sound transit to her home state where she could continue her rehabilitation treatments.

Angel Flight Program is a charitable organization that connects pilots with patients in need of transportation. Along with a crew of St. Francis nurses, Dr. Teiger transported the patient to an airport in North Carolina where they were met by ambulance service and taken to a rehabilitation center.

Angel Flight missions are carried out by pilots who volunteer their time, expertise and, often, their privately owned aircraft. Pilots are generally required to meet certain minimum flight experience requirements before they are permitted to command an Angel Flight mission. In addition, these pilots receive training on special procedures required for an Angel Flight.

Dr. Teiger, M.D., F.C.C.P., is the Medical Director of NEIHA Aviation Medicine Center, and is a private pilot, flight instructor and senior aviation medical examiner certified by the FAA. He has several years of experience working in aviation medicine and has established close working relationships in the aviation community. Dr. […]

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Five Easy Ways to Eat Smart & Healthy

We all have a few bad habits when it comes to our eating styles. Here are five small ways to make big changes!
by Carol Tyler, RD

Shift out of autopilot eating. Many people eat the same things day in and day out. Notice whether you are stuck in any kind of rut or routine.

Attentive eating. We are so good at multitasking. Try giving eating 100% of your attention. When you eat, just eat.

Create a pause. Pausing before a meal or snack offers a time for reflection. This helps interrupt automatic reactions, associated with mindless eating.

Mindfully check in. Notice your physical hunger before eating. How hungry are you on a scale of 1 to 10, from starving to stuffed? As you eat, periodically stop and assess again. Aim to eat until you are satisfied, leaving yourself neither stuffed or starving

Take a few deep breaths before you eat. Then, begin by looking at the way the light hits the food on your fork, its textures and colors. Raise it to your nose and smell it. Put down your utensils between bites

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