Hartford Cardiology Group

At Hartford Cardiology Group, we focus on all aspects of cardiovascular disease. This includes prevention, screening, testing, and treatment. Our practice evaluates and treats all forms of cardiac and vascular disease including PAD and venous insufficiency. Treatments range from education to medicines to fully invasive procedures when indicated.

 Hartford Cardiology Specialties

Our goal is the optimization of cardiovascular health in conjunction with care for the total patient. We maintain board certification in Internal Medicine in an effort to treat the whole patient and not just one isolated organ system. We are uniquely interested and qualified to treat not only end-stage cardiac disease, but also to reach patients before they get to that point. Our on-premise colleagues of New England Integrative Health Associates present our patients with the option to consult and receive integrative treatments and therapies.

We are an approved treatment center for EECP® therapy, a safe, non-invasive, outpatient treatment option for patients suffering from ischemic heart diseases such as angina and heart failure. EECP® therapy has helped thousands of patients. In fact, clinical studies show, over 75% of patients benefit from EECP® therapy and sustain improvement up to three years post- treatment.

Hartford Cardiology offers patients endovenous laser ablation, a less invasive alternative to standard vein stripping for patients suffering from varicose veins. The procedure treats the vein(s) from the inside using heat energy from a laser source to seal the afflicted vein(s). Local anesthesia is all that is required. Interventional radiologists perform this procedure on an outpatient basis and when compared with traditional surgical techniques, endovenous laser ablation is as effective, has fewer negative outcomes, and is associated with less pain during recovery. There are virtually no scars because catheter placement requires skin openings of only a few millimeters, not large incisions.

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