Why an Integrative Health Center?

The landscape of healthcare in America has changed significantly, and will continue to change dramatically over the next decade.  Things are much different today than they were 20 to 30 years ago, both for patients and for health caregivers.

As patients, we face markedly different healthcare issues than we did 30 years ago.  It is no secret that obesity, diabetes, and chronic inflammatory illness are epidemic in proportion to what they were only a generation ago. The increased rates of these illnesses are alarming.  Lifestyle “correctness”, as a way of slowing down and mixing work and leisure time proportionately, is a tremendous challenge.  Living a healthy, happy and long life has become more difficult day-to-day, as we all spend too much time just trying to make ends meet and reach our economic and personal goals.  Many Americans have an unhealthy lifestyle and diet of fast food, high salt, high fat and too much sugar.  Exercise as a way of life, considering our very busy daily schedules, is hard to fit in.  As a nation, we take too many pills, and many are convinced that a drug, or many drugs, is the answer to our health problems. Stress, in all its many forms, is ranked high as a strong negative issue facing most people.

From a patient’s point of view, it is increasingly difficult to establish a relationship with a primary care physician.  Most doctors are specialists, and few have the time to really get to know their patients.  Office visits are often 10-minute clips that focus on single complaints rather than the patient as a whole, a by-product of a medical system that requires more paperwork and less patient time.

From the physician’s point of view, the altruistic goals of patient care are often placed second to the mechanics of daily practice. Paperwork, government regulations, insurance complexities, and concerns about malpractice have changed the focus for many busy practitioners from one of caregiving to one of making ends meet.  Most primary care physicians no longer go to the hospital to care for their patients when they become very ill.  A hospital-supported (and often employed) Hospitalist group cares for patients when they enter the hospital and return the responsibility of care to a patient’s primary care physician upon discharge.  Continuity of care is fragmented, personal attention is often lost, and healthcare, in many ways, is impersonal and just “a business”.

New England Integrative Health Associates (NEIHA) was established to address many of the complexities and problems of healthcare in contemporary America.  We bring together health professionals from different backgrounds and philosophies in an effort to establish meaningful relationships with patients—not as their disease, but as people.  The Center recognizes that there are many paths to achieving health and wellness, and no single discipline, either traditional or non-traditional, provides all the answers.  We understand that all professionals in healthcare today take different but complementary approaches to good health, and where one system might fail to meet the needs of an individual patient, another might be more successful.

The Center recognizes the supreme importance of a healthy diet and exercise in achieving wellness.  Our practitioners understand the effects of stress and tension in our daily lives and view dealing with this as critical to all aspects of successful treatment.  The field of Lifestyle Medicine is emerging as a specialty of medical care, one that recognizes that lifestyle is an important factor to modify and manage when caring for the total patient.  The Center also recognizes that many Americans are too focused on drug therapy as the answer to their health concerns. Our practitioners seek to find alternative healthcare protocols that don’t necessarily require a pharmaceutical prescription.

New England Integrative Health Associates (NEIHA) brings together, under one roof, healthcare professionals of differing philosophies and of differing approaches, but of one common goal.  That goal is to treat each of our patients with respect for their individuality and as a whole person, and with the objective to help them achieve the best in health and wellness – in body, mind and spirit.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity and the privilege of offering our services to you as our respected patients.

NEIHA in the Community

At New England Integrative Health Associates (NEIHA), we believe that we have a responsibility to our community as well as to the patients who walk through our doors.

Our center is founded on a vision to provide exceptional and innovative healthcare to residents in our region. This pursuit extends beyond our address and reaches out into the lives and concerns of our neighborhoods, town and city.

We pledge to integrate community service into our practice in all sorts of forms, from sponsorships of athletic teams to participating in fund-raising events to donating our time and services to the needy and underprivileged.

This venture is an exciting one and we look forward to forming relationships with you, whether you are a regular website visitor who enjoys reading articles and bulletins on the latest advances in healthy living or a patient who has found a home at our center where you are part of our family. We encourage you to alert us to opportunities in your neighborhood where you see a need.

Please visit this page regularly to learn how NEIHA is participating in the community where you live, work, and raise your family.